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Transmissions is the second EP by Archetype and the finishing part to their first EP "Reflections".


released January 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Archetype Stuttgart, Germany

Founded in 2013
Debut in 2014

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Track Name: Weight Of The Unsaid
This is not a tale of fault
but rather about reason
by the unsaid in every single word

Fought for this with all my heart
on every single day
the words I said, so powerless
vanished right away
gathered thoughts infinitely
to draft reality
but all that's said so meaningless
undone by the unsaid

There is a weight
in everything you say
heavier just weighs
just weighs the unsaid

The weight of happiness
against the frozen tears
the broken trust
the weight of honesty
against hypocrisy

All these thoughts so restlessly
flashing through my mind
fleeing colors everywhere
this world is black and white
there is no way to form the words
and share what should be said
a fragile world about to break
torn down by the unsaid
Track Name: Cataract
- instrumental -
Track Name: Ventures
What if this won't end up well
and all that's left is broken hearts?
What if this is the end of me
and there is no way out of this?

In every plan you make
and every way you take
there will always be
a chance to fail!
So get over it
give the best you have
just stay with yourself
don't forget, don't regret!

What if this is in the end just disappointment
and all that's left is shattered hopes?
What if all these questions stay unanswered
and I'm the one to find the truth?

Don't regret
for the sake
of your own satisfaction
don't forget
the things you did
the mistakes made
forever yours!